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Hello and welcome to The Bugle. The Bugle is a newspaper with a local feel, one which contains a good mix of news and events, light hearted stories and discussions on more serious topics. We have spoken to a large number of English speakers across the region and one theme that keeps cropping up is that it is hard keeping up to date with local (and to a certain extent national) French news. Most of us have an ever-improving level of French which enables us to live, work and communicate in a French speaking country, but not as many of us have the level of French which allows us to browse La Montagne or Le Populaire over a coffee, or sit down in an evening and watch the news on TF1.

Our principal objective in founding The Bugle is to bring French news to the English speaking community, with an emphasis on local news stories affecting Creuse, Haute-Vienne and the surrounding areas.

We will not stop with the news, however, and The Bugle is jam-packed with content. Each month we have articles on living in France, What?s On listings, practical advice, contributions from regular columnists and a centre-page, in-depth feature article.

We want you to enjoy reading this paper and we welcome all and any feedback you may have. Whether you have something to say about an article, suggestions about future content, or you want to get involved with The Bugle as a contributor, please feel free to contact me (Steve Martindale) at